The TITULA graduation project repository is organized by University, Faculty, School and Professional Center. There are a number of ways to search the repository and find projects in it:

  1. Use the search engine to enter the terms that identify the project that you are looking for (author, title, subject, degree program, etc.).
  2. Use the search indexes on the right-hand side of the screen:
    1. Choose the presentation date and find the projects presented at that time.
    2. Search by the name of the author or advisor.
    3. Find the works on a list of titles.
    4. Select the keyword that identifies the subject or area you are looking for.
    5. Select a degree program and consult the projects it contains.
  3. Select your university (Madrid, Valencia or Canarias) and use the following filters:
    1. Title
    2. Author
    3. Advisor
    4. Keyword
    5. Degree Program
    6. Presentation Date
    7. Contenty Type
    8. Affiliation
    9. Abstract

Once you have found the project you need, you can consult the details (author, advisor, abstract, keywords, etc.) and the full text.