What is TITULA?

It is Universidad Europea's graduation project repository. It collects, organizes, manages and disseminates Graduation Projects (GP), Master's Theses (MP) and End of Cycle Projects (ECP) as digital files at the University.

How is it structured?

It is organized by institution, academic division (Schools and Professional Center) and project type, which affords the repository with a simple, user-friendly structure. Institutions (universities) are the highest level of the content hierarchy and are made up of collections that hold the documents.

Who can consult it?

TITULA is a free-access service. Use of the service is subject to the conditions of use available in the footer and the content is available with permission from the authors of the projects.

What documents does it contain?

All projects that meet the quality criteria indicated by Universidad Europea whose authors have provided permission.

What are the benefits of TITULA?

  • Increased visibility
  • A permanent URL for citing work
  • Safeguarding intellectual property rights
  • Long-term digital preservation

Can I establish the access and usage conditions for my project?

The author of each project can decide whether it can be consulted freely (as long as it meets the quality criteria established by Universidad Europea). In these cases, the projects have the Attribution–NonCommercial–NoDerivs (by-nc-nd 4.0) Creative Commons license.

Can I modify the project data?

No changes may be made to the projects deposited beyond the correction of typographical or spelling errors.

How are the projects stored?

  • The documents are deposited for a minimum of 10 years and will have a unique URL.
  • The University will ensure the accessibility and legibility of the projects deposited in TITULA.
  • If necessary, the projects will be migrated to new file formats to ensure legibility.